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Social Networking Overload

This weekend, I found myself spending more time than usual chatting with friends on social networking sites.  It wasn’t long before I once again found myself having conversations on multiple sites at the same time–in some cases with the same person.

I really didn’t think too much about it until I got a text asking why I hadn’t answered a question on FB Messenger, but was still on Twitter. Oops.To be honest, I just lost track of what was where, and I missed it.  The fact that I was on my phone certainly didn’t help.  Some days, it would just be nice if everything was all in one place. (I know, wishful thinking. ;-) )

Like many people, I enjoy talking to friends and meeting new people on Social Network. In addition to my “real life” friends and family, many of the writers I have met online have become valuable friends.  Still, there are days that I just feel overwhelmed. Of course, what better way to deal with it than writing a blog post? ;-)

I was looking through videos on YouTube this morning, and came across this.  I have to say… it made me feel better and worse all at the same time.  Why?

I haven’t heard of at least half of these sites.  This is a good thing–to a point.  Still, when I get an invite to a new site, I have a hard time saying no.  So, I have to wonder, will I soon be singing the same social media blues?

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with social networking sites, or are you much better than I am at just saying no? Have you ever found yourself having two different conversations with the same person on two different sites–at the same time–as I did this weekend (more than once)? Does it confuse you, too?

If you had to choose just one social networking site and delete your accounts everywhere else, which would you choose? Why?


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