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Susi - Doorway - Looking Away-1I am an avid reader, a mystery and romantic suspense writer, and an always loving wife and puppy momma. I am addicted to all things kitchen–cooking, baking, cool new gadgets, etc. ;-)  I love trying out new recipes, and regularly out food (and crafts) I come across on Pinterest.  Visitors to our house can almost always count on some fresh-baked treats or a yummy new appetizer.

My husband and I are big fans of using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, something I try to incorporate into some baked treats as well, especially in the summer months. We avoid heavily processed foods in an attempt to keep away from eating too many ingredients we can’t pronounce–and avoid the MSG migraine.  My husband is a big fan of some of those super-processed foods (Hamburger Helper, anyone?) but looks for a healthy alternative.  My solution? Make it from scratch! (What can I say, I love a challenge!)

024.jpgWhile I am a beach bum at heart, I don’t get to spend much time enjoying the joys of the ocean. When not lounging on a beach (so, most days ;-) ), I spend my time split between writing nook, my kitchen, my favorite reading spot,  and wherever my family and friends may be at that moment.   I am addicted to TV, and usually have the Food Network, HGTV, OR and NCIS or SVU marathon on in the background, even when I am reading.

Check out my blog to find some of my favorite recipes, new projects, fun writing news, and anything else I come across that is just too crazy, cool, or cute not to pass on. :-) Feel free to join in on the conversation any time! You can also find out more about me, or follow my Pinterest boards to see what I am thinking of trying next. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you just want to say hi – or you can hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.  I would love to hear from you!  :-)